of Science in Biotechnology

Students will be able to work in research and in the development of new products and biotechnological processes

Curriculum: 2 years (4 semesters)

Campus: Monterrey



The great demand to increase the efficiency of the agricultural, health, and industrial sectors has encouraged the incorporation of biotechnological techniques to
the production and transformation of satisfiers. Therefore, the graduate is able to develop in academic and business environments. During the program, a student is able to participate in the development of biotechnological processes inside our laboratories and in the implementation of products in the industry. With this the student has a competitive advantage in the professional environment.

The Master of Science in Biotechnology is registered within the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) at the Registry of Quality Graduate Programs (PNCP), and reached the rank of International Competition Program, the highest distinction awarded by the CONACYT to graduate programs.

To prepare persons that are committed to their communities, in social, economic, and ethical terms. That are aware of the need of new sustainable technologies, and that embrace a remarkable entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.


This program is offered to college graduates of Bachelor of Science, with majors in biology, agronomy, chemistry, biochemistry, food industries, medicine, biochemical engineering, among others.


Upon completion of the program students will be able to work in research and in the development of new products and biotechnological processes. Graduates can also work in the following industries: agro-biotechnology, biotechnology, food preservation, medical biotechnology, and nutriomics.

BT4005 Cell Biology and Physiology 3 0 12
BT5006 Genetic Engineering 3 0 12
GI5000 Research and Innovation Methods 1.5 0 6
OP4000 Quality Development Course 1.5 0 6
9 0 36

BT4004 Instrumental Analysis in Biotechnology 3 0 12
BT5005 Selected Topics in Biotechnology 3 0 12
IN5058 Design and Analysis of Experiments 3 0 12
9 0 36

GI5007 Thesis I 3 0 12
OP5042 Elective I 3 0 12
OP5043 Elective II 3 0 12
9 0 36

GI5008 Thesis II 3 0 12
OP5044 Elective III 3 0 12
OP5045 Elective IV 3 0 12
9 0 36

C Number of class hours per week
L Number of laboratory hours or activities per week
U Study hours that must be dedicated to the course (class hours included)

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Admission Test to Graduate Studies (PAEP)


  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Admission Test to the Graduate Studies (PAEP) score
  • Resume
  • Essay
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Interview
  • TOEFL score

There are 100% scholarships for this program that can be awarded to academically outstanding students. The 100% scholarship tuition is offered at Campus Monterrey for full-time students without work commitments, for a maximum of four years taking complete curricular load. Additional expenses such as the admission exam payment, medical expenses insurance and the graduate degree expenditure shipping costs are not covered.


For further information contact:

Fabiola García Maldonado
+52 (81) 83582000 ext. 6011 o 5057

César Cabrera Torres
+52 (81) 83582000 ext. 5058 y 5059

International students, please contact:
Jenny Von Westphalen
+52 (81) 83582000 ext. 5097



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  • Food Biotechnology and nutrigenomics
  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnology

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Generation Total
August 2003 12
January 2004 6
August 2004 6
January 2005 1
August 2005 6
January 2006 4
August 2006 5
January 2007 8
August 2007 10
January 2008 5
August 2008 6
January 2009 11
August 2009 12
January 2010 8
August 2010 21
January 2011 6
August 2011 11
January 2012 4
August 2012
January 2013
August 2013
January 2014
August 2014
January 2015
August 2015

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  • Oscar Alejandro Aguilar Jiménez
  • Mario Moisés Alvarez
  • Jorge Alejandro Benavides Lozano
  • Guy Albert Cardineau
  • Rocío Isabel Díaz de la Garza
  • Silverio García Lara
  • Gerardo de Jesús García Rivas
  • María Teresa González Garza y Barrón
  • Janet Alejandra Gutiérrez Uribe
  • Carmen Hernández Brenes
  • Daniel Alberto Jacobo Velázquez
  • Jorge Eugenio Moreno Cuevas
  • Hugo Mújica Paz
  • Sean Patrick Scott Sartini
  • Jorge Santos Welti Chanes

More Information

Jorge Benavides
+52 (81) 8350 2000 ext.4821 sub 102 o 115