of Science in Electronic Engineering

The program graduates are able to work in applied research, technology development, engineering management in electronics, and telecommunications technology.

Curriculum: 2 years (4 semesters)

Campus: Guadalajara



At a global level, IT’s, Communication Technologies, and Electronic Engineering, are the ideal leverage for economic growth, the sustainable development of nations, and the democratization of societies. The demand of specialized communication services, automatized control processes, along with the needs of electronic programmable miniaturized devices, that requires exponential levels around the world. Within this multidisciplinary context, the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering satisfies the need for highly trained people with cutting-edge knowledge in these areas, and with innovative and entrepreneurial mindset that are going to be able to contribute to human well-being.

The student can choose to focus on different areas, such as, personal communication systems, analysis and modeling of communication networks, microelectronics and microsystems, optical engineering, and embedded systems.

To provide the knowledge and abilities to perform cutting edge research in the areas of electronic systems, automated processes or telecommunications.


This program is for graduates in areas of electronic engineering, mechatronics, electronic systems, biomedicine, applied physics, and telecommunications. The master program is for people motivated to do scientific research. This degree gives the students the abilities and skills for a PhD program.



The program graduates are able to work in applied research, technology development, engineering management in electronics, and telecommunications technology.

They are also specialists in planning, management, and in implementation of systems and communication networks.

Graduates can also work in designing customized solutions based on electronic systems, systems miniaturization, devices power consumption, and the use of technology tools to optimize performance and reduce the time required to bring products to market.

Researchers and experts in technological innovation added value.

Quality Development Course
OP4000 Quality Development Course 1.5 0 6
1.5 0 6

Basic Courses
F4002 Computer Simulations 3 0 12
TE4000 Advanced Mathematics for Electronics Engineering 3 0 12
6 0 24

Fundamental Courses
TE4001 Instrumentation 3 0 12
TE4002 Stochastic and Random Processes 3 0 12
6 0 24

Elective Courses
OP5042 Elective I 3 0 12
OP5043 Elective II 3 0 12
OP5044 Elective III 3 0 12
OP5045 Elective IV 3 0 12
OP5046 Elective IV 3 0 12
15 0 60

Research Courses
GT4000 Research and Innovation Methods 1.5 0 6
GT5000 Thesis I 3 0 12
GT5001 Thesis II 3 0 12
7.5 0 30

C Number of class hours per week
L Number of laboratory hours or activities per week
U Study hours that must be dedicated to the course (class hours included)

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Admission Test to Graduate Studies (PAEP)


  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Admission Test to the Graduate Studies (PAEP) score
  • Resume
  • Essay
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Interview
  • TOEFL score

There are 100% scholarships for this program that can be awarded to academically outstanding students. The 100% scholarship tuition is offered at Campus Monterrey for full-time students without work commitments, for a maximum of four years taking complete curricular load. Additional expenses such as the admission exam payment, medical expenses insurance and the graduate degree expenditure shipping costs are not covered.


For further information contact:

Fabiola García Maldonado
+52 (81) 83582000 ext. 6011 o 5057

César Cabrera Torres
+52 (81) 83582000 ext. 5058 y 5059

International students, please contact:
Jenny Von Westphalen
+52 (81) 83582000 ext. 5097



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  • Personal Communications Systems
  • Network Control and Routing, Systems and Broad Band Networks and its Protocols
  • Intelligent Telephone Systems (Engineering and Traffic Control)
  • Modeling and Evaluation of Communication Systems
  • Microsystems and Microelectronics Applied to the Health Sector
  • BioMEMS
  • Electronics Design Applied to the Health Sector
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Optical Engineering
  • Embedded Systems
  • Embedded Software and Hardware development
  • Control Processes

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Research and development in telecommunications, electronics and control have contributed to the development of powerful technologies that benefit society. The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering prepares professionals in these technologies and their applications to provide businesses and universities with highly qualified human capital.

The training of researchers is a pressing need for the development of new processes for telecommunications, electronic systems, mechatronic systems (robotics and industrial automation). These technologies have the ultimate goal of promoting productivity and a social benefit and economic welfare.



  • Telecommunications and Networks research group
  • Sensors and devices research group
  • Bioinformatics research group



  • Karl Planck Center in Germany
Generation Total
January 2000 10
August 2000 11
January 2001 6
August 2001 21
January 2002 8
August 2002 9
January 2003 7
August 2003 16
January 2004 8
August 2004 14
January 2005 6
August 2005 17
January 2006 6
August 2006 10
January 2007 7
August 2007 10
January 2008 7
August 2008 9
January 2009 4
August 2009 9
January 2010 7
August 2010 18
January 2011 4
August 2011 5
January 2012 2
August 2012 4
January 2013 4
August 2013 7

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Double degree with University of New Mexico

Residence at Carnegie Mellon University



  • Alfonso Ávila Ortega
  • Gerardo Antonio Castañón Ávila
  • Graciano Dieck Assad
  • Sergio Omar Martínez Chapa
  • José Gerardo Tamez Peña
  • César Vargas Rosales
  • Sergio Camacho León
  • Gabriel Campuzano Treviño
  • Raúl Ignacio Hernández Aranda
  • Manuel Eduardo Macías García
  • Antonio Ramón Xicotencatl Favela Contreras
  • Julio César Gutiérrez Vega
  • David Muñoz Rodríguez
  • Oliver Matthias Probs Oleszewski
  • Ramón Martín Rodríguez
  • Leire Azpilicueta
  • Víctor Hugo Pérez
  • Israel De León Arizpe

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Gabriel Campuzano
+52 (81) 83582000 ext. 4235