Master of Sciences
in Quality Systems
and Productivity

Design, manage, evaluate, and improve production and services areas using quality principles, innovation, and competitiveness.

Curriculum: 2 years (4 semesters)



Within the challenges that organizations face, the identification of strategic partners at the global level, the competitiveness in the globalization of markets, the energy costs and the demands of the market are known for increasing complexity.

The Master of Sciences in Quality Systems and Productivity graduate is aware of the needs of the environment and can contribute to the efficient use of resources and improvement of the supply chain. The graduate can also work in engineering management and in optimization of productive systems, while taking into account the sustainability of the project.

Develop of highly specialized talent, capable of designing, implementing and leading high impact initiatives with added value within an manufacturing or service oriented organization. The experts can create new approaches in management that allows quality improvement and productivity in manufacturing and services organizations.


Graduates of Bachelor of Science that majored in Engineering or with a strong background of probability, statistics, and operations research that enjoy analyzing and improving productive processes and services.


At the end of the program, the student will be able to:

  • Design, manage, evaluate, and improve production and services areas using quality principles, innovation, and competitiveness
  • Design, manage, implement, and evaluate experimental processes that generate tangible solutions for operations optimization
  • Design, manage, assess, and improve production systems based on principles of production and manufacture, supported by statistical tools and process optimization
  • Design rules, procedures, and methodologies for integrating efficiently the supply chain
HI4000 English Prerequisite 3 0 12
IN4015 Industrial Engineering Prerequisite 3 0 12
6 0 24

GI5000 Research and Innovation Methods 1.5 0 6
IN4019 Quality Management and Competitiveness 3 0 12
MA4009 Statistical Methods 3 0 12
OP4000 Quality Development Course 1.5 0 6
9 0 36

IN4016 Optimization Methods for Decision Making 3 0 12
IN4017 Production Engineering 3 0 12
IN4018 Supply Chain Management 3 0 12
9 0 36

GI5007 Thesis I 3 0 12
OP5042 Elective I 3 0 12
OP5043 Elective II 3 0 12
9 0 36

GI5008 Thesis II 3 0 12
OP5044 Elective III 3 0 12
OP5045 Elective IV 3 0 12
9 0 36

C Number of class hours per week
L Number of laboratory hours or activities per week
U Study hours that must be dedicated to the course (class hours included)

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Admission Test to the Graduate Studies (PAEP)


  • Grade Point Average (GPA) – 85/100 minimum
  • Admission Test to the Graduate Studies (PAEP) score – 550 minimum
  • Resume
  • Essay
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Interview
  • TOEFL score


  • Present the admission exam (PAEP)
  • GPA superior or equal to 80
  • TOEFL exam

There are 100% scholarships for this program that can be awarded to academically outstanding students. The 100% scholarship tuition is offered at Campus Monterrey and Campus Guadalajara for full-time students without work commitments, for a maximum of four years taking complete curricular load. Additional expenses such as the admission exam payment, medical expenses insurance and the graduate degree expenditure shipping costs are not covered.


More information, please contact:

Fabiola García Maldonado
+52 (81) 83582000 ext. 6011 o 5057

César Cabrera Torres.
+52 (81) 83582000 ext. 5058 y 5059

International students, please contact:
Jenny Von Westphalen
+52 (81) 83582000 ext. 5097



“The Master of Sciences in Quality Systems and Productivity of Tecnológico de Monterrey allowed me to develop my knowledge and gave me the opportunity to work on high impact research projects. Due to the versatility of this program, I could specialize in developing effective processes and quality; not only in the manufacturing area but also in services” – graduate of MCP

  • Supply chain
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Optimization
  • Creativity and Engineering Innovation


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  • Development of suppliers for HEB supermarket using strategic logistics
  • Supply chain strategic management identification at CEMIX
  • Certificate in Operational Excellence with Coca Cola
  • Design of CFE planning model
  • System of Innovation Indicators for CEMEX
  • METALSA-Lean Manufacturing Production Project
  • Improving Project for Nemak



Profesores del Claustro

  • David Güemes Castorena
  • Imelda de Jesús Loera Hernández
  • Silvia Lizett Olivares Olivares
  • Marisela Rodríguez Salvador
  • Edgardo Jorge Escalante Vázquez
  • Alberto Abelardo Hernández Luna
  • María del Carmen Temblador Pérez
  • Francisco Román Angel Bello Acosta
  • Mohammad Reza Azarang Esfandiari
  • Leopoldo Eduardo Cárdenas Barrón
  • Eduardo García Dunna
  • Heriberto García Reyes
  • Jorge Limón Robles
  • Adán López Miranda
  • José Manuel Sánchez García
  • Neale Ricardo Smith Cornejo
  • José Humberto Cantú Delgado
  • José Luis González Velarde
  • Dagoberto GarzaNuñez
  • Adán López Miranda
  • Rafael Ernesto Bourguet Díaz
  • Viacheslav Kalashnikov
  • Víctor Tercero Gómez
  • Daniel Zavala Río

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Daniel Zavala Río
+52 (81) 8358 2000 ext. 5165