in Automotive

 Answers to the development opportunities that the automotive industry of the center area of the country offers.

Curriculum: 1.5 years (3 semesters)

Campus: Toluca



The M. Sc. in Automotive Engineering (MIR) answers to the development opportunities that the automotive industry of the center area of the country offers. Attentive to this opportunity alcove, the ITESM Campus Toluca has do efforts for tighten relations with this industry establishing programs of technology and scientific development through the creation of the Mechatronics Automotive Research Center (CIMA). Like part of this effort, the CIMA has created the M.Sc. in Automotive Engineer program with the objective of educate specialists able of give solution to engineer problems established in the automotive industry.

The graduated student of this program will can design, implement and optimize the automotive systems, contributing to the technology development design mechanic, manufacture and energy conversions systems and emission control aspects. The first methodology approach is the intensive use of the computer for design, analysis, simulation, manufacture, instrumentation and integration of automotive systems with the pragmatic orientation toward the technology development and the applied research. More information at:

To train specialists that are able to solve automotive industry issues. Graduates can design, deploy, and optimize automotive systems to contribute to technological development in manufacturing, electronic, and power systems.

  • Leaders in design and improvement of automotive systems
  • Professionals in carrying out engineering and research projects
  • Graduates that promote the creation of automotive industry companies focused in service, manufacturing or technical consulting
  • Professionals capable of pursuing a PhD


The program is conceived for professionals, faculty members, and researchers of the engineering field in manufacturing design, power systems and production management.

The M.Sc. in Automotive Engineering program, has been designed based in the feedback received from different directives of automotive enterprises installed in the country. The M.Sc. is oriented to professionals graduated engineer in the design, manufacture, energy conversion, emission control and production administration areas, that pretend achieve directive levels in the industrial branches of the automotive engineer as much as technical or administrative areas.

The student graduated will be capable of manage and/or incorporate him to enterprises dedicated to the design, analysis, manufacture, instrumentation, and car assemble and car peaces, as soon as the mechanic, electronic and mechatronic analysis of automotive systems.

The students graduated will be educated for work basically in areas of research and technology development in the lines of manufacture, design, analysis, and energy conversion and emissions control.

CODE C L U Prerequisites
M1002 Computerized Drawing 2 2 8 ( M1003 Corequisite or M1003 )
2 2 8

CODE C L U Prerequisites
GI5000 Research and Innovation Methods 1.5 0 6
M4008 Product Design 3 0 12 ( M1002 )
OP4000 Quality Development Course 1.5 0 6
OP4006 Elective Course I 3 0 12
TE4001 Instrumentation 3 0 12
12 0 48

CODE C L U Prerequisites
M4011 Internal Combustion Engines 3 1 12
M5047 Integration Project I 3 0 12
OP5042 Elective I 3 0 12
OP5043 Elective II 3 0 12
12 1 48

CODE C L U Prerequisites
M5048 Integration Project II 3 0 12 ( M5047 )
OP5044 Elective III 3 0 12
OP5045 Elective IV 3 0 12
OP5046 Elective V 3 0 12
12 0 48

C Number of class hours per week
L Number of laboratory hours or activities per week
U Study hours that must be dedicated to the course (class hours included)

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Have a degree in engineering or related

Present the admission application in the CASA department in the campus

  • 1 copy of candidate’s birth certificate
  • 1 copy of the BS certificate
  • 1 copy of BS diploma
  • Interview with the program’s director
  • Present the admission exam (PAEP)
  • GPA superior or equal to 80
  • TOEFL exam

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Energy and Environment

  • Source of energy
    • Fuels and biofuels
    • Renewable energies
    • Energy storage
  • Conversion process
    • Fuel cells
    • Combustion process
    • Efficient use of energy
    • CFD analysis
    • Engines
  • Air pollution
    • Emissions measurements and control
    • Pollution dispersion models
    • Evaluation of the mechanical and environmental performance of vehicles and thermal equipment

Design, manufacturing & materials

  • Development of methodologies to optimize manufacturing processes
  • Design of tools and fixtures for manufacturing processes
  • Product design
  • Tests of products
  • Surface treatment of materials
  • Mechanical vibrations

Logistics and supply chain management

  • Design for six sigma
  • Logistics
  • Supply chain management
  • Project administration
  • Quality control
  • Suppliers

Automotive electronics

  • Instrumentation
  • Development of systems to monitor industrial processes
  • Automation of industrial processes

Industrial processes

  • Automation of industrial processes


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Tecnológico de Monterrey has strong relations with the automotive industry through technological and scientific programs. For example, the Research Center in Automotive Engineering (CIMA) and the research chair in Automotive Engineering are focused on the same research areas as the program courses.  The program’s engagement with society is visible in the projects with the automotive industry and the contributions to the scientific community.

  • More than 100 completed projects
  • More than 100 published papers in journals
Generations Total
Enero 2008 31
Agosto 2008 29
Enero 2009 31
Agosto 2009 38
Enero 2010 32
Agosto 2010 39
Enero 2011 44
Agosto 2011 39
Enero 2012 32
Agosto 2012 34
Enero 2013 25
Agosto 2013 37
Enero 2014 30
Agosto 2014 28
Enero 2015 29
Agosto 2015 26

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  • Juan de Dios Calderón Najera
  • Alejandro Rojo Valerio
  • José Ignacio Huertas
  • Alfredo Santana Díaz
  • Ulises Figueroa López
  • Gabriel Cervantes
  • José Carlos Miranda Valenzuela.
  • Luciano Chirinos

More Information

Alfredo Santana Díaz
+52 (722) 279 9990 ext. 2166

Ailin Velilla Otero
+52 (722) 279 9990 ext. 2173, 2126