in Software Engineering

Design, develop and evaluate software in organization.

Curriculum: 1 year (3 trimesters)



Technological opportunity scenarios are intended to direct the contributions to innovation.

Main technological scenarios are design from its conception with innovative contributions that have direct and immediate benefit to Mexico’s industries. Therefore, the two enablers are:

  1. Software development using cutting edge methodologies and languages
  2. Platform selection that prioritize requirements and quality attributes

Intellectual property of the products is generated within the academic core.

With a long curricular path in experiences and academic core advances at the same time that its contribution from the trenches to the Speciality with recently creation level, the academic core is located in its initial stage and a long way to build on intellectual property and products to develop.

To prepare people with leadership skills, conceptualization and development or acquirement of software applications that can improve the competitiveness of businesses.

Graduates will be able to

  • Recognize the importance of the creation of a Quality System, or Software Quality Assurance System inside organizations
  • Solve problems with software, create the analysis of requirements, design the architecture of solution, perform the implantation and measure the system tests
  • Develop an integral vision of software development project administration
  • Perform successfully the selection of the projects that contribute a strategy of an organization. Design the definition, planning, deployment and control of software projects, involving the basic variables of time, resources, and costs
  • Analyze, design, and value software applications that rule by architecture and get built following a software component based development
  • Apply the principles of orientated design aspects for the solution of problems that serve a lot of interests that can overlap with basic functionality of applications, if not designed and programmed correctly
  • Recognize the basic concepts that rule the analysis and design of the distributed data base (under the relational model). Study alternatives to the relational model
  • Acquire knowledge and necessary abilities to obtain a professional national, or international certification relevant to your specialty


Graduates of B.S. in engineering, computer science, and information systems, that wish to enter the productive sector by creating technological solutions from its conceptualization, development and liberation.


The graduate from the Specialty in Software Engineering will be able to:

  • Design, develop and evaluate software in organizations by using modern analysis and development methodologies as well as advanced programming languages
  • Select software platforms, prioritizing requirements and quality attributes
  • A skill for self learning and adapting to new software engineering environments
  • Collaboratively work in multi-disciplinary teams for the complex software systems’ development
GI5020 Professional Certification 3.5 0 12
TC4016 Software Analysis, Design and Construction 3.5 0 12
TC4017 Software Testing and Quality Assurance 3.5 0 12
TC4018 Managing Software Development 3.5 0 12
14 0 48

OP5053 Elective I 3.5 0 12
OP5054 Elective II 3.5 0 12
OP5055 Elective III 3.5 0 12
10.5 0 36

C Number of class hours per week
L Number of laboratory hours or activities per week
U Study hours that must be dedicated to the course (class hours included)

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Students of this Speciality can work along with: ICT Consulting, ICT Associations, technology ICT products and services companies, and manufacturing. among others, result transversals to the proposal that represents this specialty because of its profile. The technological trend in this sector is part of the search for cutting-edge solutions to deal with world-class challenges of global competition. This includes ICT in all of its components: Hardware, Software, Data Bases and telecommunication networks. You can tell, by the type of participation with the post grade program, that it has to do primarily with the development of projects attended by its employees, Students from the specialty, in order to respond to specific problems. Some of the main formal participating companies are: AMITI, CEMEX México SA de CV, Alcatel-Lucent México SA de CV, Maxcom Telecomunicaciones SA de CV, Adminstradora Levi Strauss de México SA de CV, Praxair Consultoría y Administración S de RL de CV, Towa Integradora SA de CV, Becton Dickinson de México SA de CV, Manufacturas Sonoco SA de CV, Codes SA de CV, Sociedad Mercantil “Asistencia Técnica y Administrativa Industrial SA de CV”, Towers Watson Consultores de México SA de CV, Corporativo Inalarm SA de CV, among others.


The program turns around a commitment with the industry of ITs, which leads to a unique line of knowledge, that could be described as: “Software for organizations or establishments that will lead them to an increase in proficiency and competence in order to step up to the technological changes in the environment.” Which means that software development is being used to update methods and languages, and that the selection of platforms should prioritize requirements and quality attributes. Therefore, the students of this Specialization are able to obtain a professional certificate of their research work that is going to create value for a company.

With this certification, both students and companies acquire a competitive advantage in their domestic development.


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The Specialization is offered on trimestral format and executive format, which allows participants to continue their professional commitments and minimize the disruption to their work schedules.

Thanks to the close EGADE Business School’s relationship with public institutions and experts from the private energy sector, the School complements its value by encouraging specialists on energy issues to share their knowledge and experience with the program’s participants, who will also capitalize opportunities arising from the solid linkage of the School with leading organisms in the energy sector.

Generation Total
January 2015 2
August 2015 4


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  • Zdeněk Troníček
  • José Martín Molina Espinosa
  • Ramón Marín Solís
  • Miguel Angel Oros Hernández
  • Roberto Abraham Valdivia Beutelspacher

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