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Welcome to the official website of the 2022 International Symposium on Electromobility (ISEM), will be held during October 17-19, 2022, in Tecnologico de Monterrey, Puebla, Puebla, Mexico. 


Our symposium will take place in Tecnologico de Monterrey, Puebla Campus, located in the beautiful city of Puebla. Puebla was founded in 1531. Puebla, is one of the oldest cities in Mexico and fascinates visitors with its colonial buildings, varied cuisine, and magnificent works of art. In a valley nestled between four volcanoes in the colonial city of Puebla, with its more than 2,000 historic buildings. Find ancient facades with “talavera” tiles; baroque churches adorned with statues of angels, elaborate towers, and colonial mansions. Puebla has wonderful architecture. One example is the impressive Puebla Cathedral, which is on the south side of the “zócalo”. It has a mixture of Baroque, Renaissance, and Neoclassical styles. So, be prepared for an experience that you surely will never forget.


The ISEM’2022 Organizing Committee invites researchers, academics, industry experts, and practitioners from all over the world to share new advances, innovative ideas, experiences, and novel research results related to electromobility. We invite technical papers describing original ideas, novel designs, preliminary analysis, and real-world experiences on this topic. 

The Symposium will also showcase world-class keynote speakers, tutorials, special sessions, and industry sessions to create an exceptional forum to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.


We look forward to welcoming you in person at the ISEM’22 Puebla, Puebla, Mexico, in October 17-19, 2022. Our symposium will offer you a great opportunity to engage in state-of-the-art research, meet old friends and make new friends, while Puebla and its surroundings speak for themselves!


ISEM’22 is currently planned as a hybrid event, combining physical and virtual sessions.


The focus of the Symposium is to establish an effective platform for institutions and industries to share ideas and to present the works of scientists, engineers, educators and students from all over the world. The organizing committee of the Symposium is pleased to invite prospective authors to submit their original manuscripts to ISEM’22.

Key Dates

Paper submission deadline
July 15th, 2022
Notification of acceptance
August 31st, 2022
Final paper submission
September 30th, 2022
Symposium registration deadline
October 5th, 2022
Puebla, México

Scope of the Symposium

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Intelligent vehicle technologies
  • EV Dynamics and control
  • Smart chassis: sensors and actuators
  • Energy storage and management systems
  • New and disruptive energy storage solutions for electromobility
  • Electrical and hybrid powertrain technologies
  • Charging/fueling – advanced and wireless chargers, cycle scheduling
  • V2X vehicles: power charging and communication
  • Smart mobility and well-connected mobility
  • Cooperative driving
  • Advanced driver assistance systems
  • Non-conventional electrical mobility
  • EV policy, regulation and standards
  • Electric vehicle safety
  • Electromobility engineering education

Call for papers

Submitted papers must be unpublished and must not be currently under review for any other publication. Submissions must be full papers between 4-6 pages. Full-length papers must be submitted through the EasyChair Portal as PDFs, following the symposium template. The Reviewers’ Board will decide the format of participation (oral presentation or poster), according to the logistics of the event.

Authorized Templates

  • Microsoft Word – Download
  • LaTeX (use template’s conference mode)
    1. Instructions – Download
    2. Template – Download
    3. LaTeX bibliography files – Download
EasyChair Portal as PDFs
Track 1. Power electronics for electromobility

This track focuses on converters and their control systems yielding switching and power management solutions for electric and hybrid powertrain, as well as electrified chassis accessories. Efficient operation with typical automotive loads, such as storage, prime movers and actuators will be addressed.

  • Organizer: Luis Ibarra
  • Co-organizer: Renato Galluzzi
Track 2. Progress In Vehicle Dynamics And Control

This track focuses on numerical and/or experimental methods for the assessment of vehicle dynamics, validation tools and computational methods. It also covers systems and control strategies aimed at improving the dynamic behavior of ground vehicles in all the relevant degrees of freedom.

  • Organizer: Riccardo Cespi
  • Co-organizer: Andrew Valdivieso-Soto
Track 3. Advances In Intelligent, Autonomous And Connected Vehicles

This track aims at exploring frontier technologies regarding self-driving vehicles. Navigation and visual perception approaches are topics of interest. Also, V2X communications and interactions with the infrastructure and other vehicles will be addressed. Finally, policy and regulations are an important pillar to enable widespread autonomous ground transportation.

  • Organizer: Rogelio Bustamante-Bello
  • Co-organizer: Rolando Bautista-Montesano
Track 4. Advances in chassis systems

This track includes topics related to mechatronic solutions, sensors and actuators for ground vehicles. It also deals with powertrain technologies for electric and hybrid vehicles, together with control strategies for energy management and regenerative operation.

  • Organizer: Luis Carlos Felix
  • Co-organizer: Luis Ismael Minchala Avila
Track 5. Energy storage & management systems

Track 5 deals with energy storage solutions in the automotive field. Technologies, such as batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells will be explored. Furthermore, energy management, charge / discharge methods and power electronics aspects will be addressed as well.

  • Organizer: Gerardo Escobar Valderrama
  • Co-organizer: Jesús Elías Valdez Resendiz
Track 6. Progress in unconventional intelligent mobility

This track focuses on alternative, electrified transportation systems like bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles and airplanes, among others.

Organizer: Pedro Ponce

Co-organizer: Santiago Puma-Araujo


Symposium organization

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Puebla City is the capital of the state of Puebla and the fourth largest city in Mexico, located just south of Mexico City (Two hours from International Airport Benito Juárez). Although The International Airport of Puebla is very well connected with Houston, Greenville and Monterrey City, Mexico City International Airport has many more international flights. At the Mexico City Airport there are several possibilities to travel to Puebla by bus that depart directly from the Airport in frequencies followed throughout the day, every 30 minutes. 


Puebla is a modern city with rich history and beauty. The city is justly famous for its colonial architecture, gastronomy, and folk art. The city has well conserved colonial architecture and is among those chosen by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. Puebla’s warm hospitality, relaxed atmosphere, colorful surroundings and distinct colonial history make it a worthwhile destination.

Gastronomy of Puebla

Puebla is famous for its gastronomy. The roots of Puebla cuisine joined the food of indigenous people with the Spanish, transforming it into a mixed cuisine. The prehispanic gastronomy was rich in mole and pipian, having turkey, different species of peppers, seeds and tomatoes. An example of this is mole poblano and the exquisite chiles en nogada.

Things to do

  • Browse Parian Market
  • Visit the Artist’s Quarter
  • Learn at the Amparo Museum
  • Indulge on Sweet Street
  • Admire the wonderful buildings
  • Go inside Puebla Cathedral
  • Visit Biblioteca Palafoxiana
  • Ride the Teleférico
  • Take a day trip to Cholula

Registration and fees



  • Regular: $250USD
  • Regular IEEE-PELS member: $200USD
  • Student: $150USD
  • Student IEEE-PELS member: Free


 Presenting authors must have a Regular IEEE or Regular IEEE-PELS registration.


As a requirement for the papers to be published in the proceedings of the conference, it is required that at least one of the authors be registered and make the payment.

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